Collectible Transformer Toys Revealed

Transformer toys are certainly hot collectibles nowadays. Many are chasing after them to mainly earn money in the future.

Well, the toys are really playable and enjoyable in general. But in today’s time, many are no longer very much after these features, playable, enjoyable, etc. Many are more after the toys’ potential to be costly as time passes by.

The toys can be really worth a lot in time, however of course worth will depend on their manufacturing date and their condition. If the toys were manufactured way back decades ago and are still like in brand new condition, they can actually be worth two times or even three times their original price.

Not to mention also if the toys were released in limited edition, they can also worth a lot. Just like for an instance with the limited series transformer Autobot from the 1984 series from the first generation of transformers, it could eventually worth around $1000 or higher. Aside from the Autobot from the 1984 series, there are also the bootleg transformers which are truly limited. These bootleg transformers are actually made for a certain country and were not intended for distribution in some other countries such as Canada and the United States.

However, although bootleg transformers can be great collectibles, there are some issues about them that must be considered and one of these is the issue that they are just poor quality copies. Some believe they are but some don’t. It is believed that the bootleg transformers are superior in quality.

If Autobot and bootleg transformers are not workable, then maybe controversial lines of transformer toys in Japan may be possible. Considering Kiss Players can be a good idea. Just be sensitive to the issue attached. Kiss Players line is considered to be inappropriate for children and should only be sold to adults. Some toys belonging to the line are naturally pornographic. But there’s a good thing about this line of transformer toys, it is a limited series created in Japan alone which actually makes it a great collectible item.

Toy Fair is near, but Hasbro has an initial surprise for Transformers fans in this exclusive first look at the four new characters from the Transformers Generations War For Cybertron line.

For those unfamiliar, Siege is the first part of the War For Cybertron trilogy, which pairs Generation 1 characters and designs with transformation and combination weapons in a story that took place during the final battle for Cybertron between Autobots and Decepticons. We saw four new additions that Hasbro made on the phone and the first was the Autobot Omega Supreme titan.

Omega Supreme has two different forms, including the shape of its Command Center, which uses rockets, tanks, and perimeters to help defend the Autobot from enemy fire. He also comes with a Micromaster Countdown, which fits inside a rocket, tank, or control tower and can even go up along the perimeter.

Next up is the Autobot Impactor, which besides changing (he is an Autobot after all) comes with 2 weapon accessories. Also available is Autobot Mirage, which also transforms and is equipped with 3 weapon accessories.

That’s not all Autobots, because fans can also take the figure of Siege Commander Jetfire. Jet Decepticon comes with 6 different weapons, 2 Radiograph Boosters, and many more, which can be used to convert Jetfire to C.O.M.B.A.T. READY Mode.